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   In Tajikistan the Ferdousi Library is called the Book Palace. Every day students, workers, scientists, young and old, come to the book-inexhaustible source of knowledge and culture. Foreign guests consider its their duty to visit this temple of science. The warmest words in Arabic and Latin writings, hieroglyphics are written in the library book of opinions.
Ferdousi Library has the status of the main National book depositary of Tajikistan, the methodic centre and the leading research bibliographical institute of the republic. It was founded in 1933 on the basis of central citizen library.
In 1934 at the anniversary of Abulkosim Ferdousi, the classic of tajik-persian literature the library was named after him. The funds of library are more than 3 million books. There are 8 reading halls and 1000 readers may be served at once. The manuscript department with unique treasures of tajik-persian literature is a special proud of the library.

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