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National scone in Kazan (national casserole)
(Koturma) (02)

Prepare yeast dough; divide it into peaces. Every peace of dough roll by hands, create round form and leave for 15-20 min for heaving, cover.
After that, do round peaces of dough with smooth surface. Prepared bread fries in "kasan" from every side for 3-4 minutes."Kasan", preliminarily, should be heated and greased. Weight of this bread is 350-450 g, diameter-35-40 centimeters, and thickness-2-2.5 cent.
Receipt: graham flour-100 g, salt-1.7 g, pressed yeast-1g vegetable oil-1 kg.
Explanation: "Kasan" - special casserole maid from cast iron 

Scone from millet flour (03)

Millet scones are done from sour dough -"arzan" which usually are baked by setting prepared and formed mass on to the wall of clay-made furnace. And besides, dough must be hard kneaded and scones not a big size and pretty thick. Sometimes, you can make dough using milk and butter.
Receipt: flour-160 g, salt-2g, pressed yeast-2g. Expected result is 200 g.

Scone-Kuturma with onion (04)

Prepare yeast dough with cut onion. Divide prepared dough into peaces and after preliminary heaving form round scones that so every side of scone would be in equally thickness. "Kasan", preliminarily, should be heated and greased. Roast scones for 3-4 minutes from every side and stay it's beside smoldering coal till readiness.
Receipt: graham flour - 27 kg, salt - 0.45 kg, pressed yeast - 0.55 kg, onion - 18 kg, vegetable oil -1 kg. . Expected result is 400 g per one scone.


Scone - "changoly"(05) 

At first, prepare "sumalak" from sap of springed wheat grains, flour and sugar. For acquisition of springed wheat it is necessary to select and wash grains, place its in a crockery and keep at warm place for 3-4 days, periodically wetting. All grains must be springed evenly. All grains chap, separate sap, filter, add salt and cook till smooth consistency (must look like brown cereal). Divide prepared dough into peaces do round form and fry slightly at the "kasan". Before dishing up, cover tightly in the dish, adding butter for 30-40 minutes. Expected result is 150 - 200 g per one scone, diameter -15-16 centimeters, and thickness -1.5-2 centimeters.
Receipt: wheat-30 g, wheat flour -100 g, butter -20 g, vegetable oil -15 g. 

Scone -"barro"(06)

For preparing, use flour from "mosh". Knead unleavened dough, adding small- cut onion, and salt, small-cut podded pepper. Roll dough in round scones at a thickness of 1-1.5 centimeters, diameter-15-16 cent. Fry in the "kazan" on vegetable oil. Expected result is 150-200g.
Receipt: flour from "mosh"-120g, salt-1.5 g, onion-24 g, podded pepper-5 g, vegetable oil-20 g.
"Mosh"is a national kind of cereal.

Scone "lochira in kazan" (07

 Prepare spicy dough with adding egg. Let its stand for 20-30 min. Divide it into peaces for 25-30 g and roll every peace thinly. Boil it in slightly salt water, take out. Spread creme or souring-cream over surface of the every scone in 4-5 layers. Dish up for breakfast with green tea. You can use onion or jam for each layer instead of cream.
Receipt: wheat flour-800 g, egg-80 g, salt-15 g. Expected result is 450-500g.

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