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An exquisite collection of clothing created in the eastern style of "Cleopatra", "Avesto" ("Dreams of the East"), "Samarkand and Bukhara" was presented by a young stylist Mavluda Khamraeva at the spring holiday of Navruz.
Her talent and skill did not leave the audience indifferent: the fashion show grew into an exciting event - "a festival that is always with you".
We are now in the hall of the Cinema House in Dushanbe.
Semi-darkness. Candle light. Old jugs.Charming girls and handsome youths appear at the podium to the accompaniment of a mysterious tune looking perfect in patterns created by law of beauty. This is how Tajik fashion proceeds along its path to people. It raises their spirits, wins their acknowledgement and love. The fashion patterns symbolize romanticism and youth acquiring an individual, creative and esthetically expressive 

image. The collection unites various styles, types and length of clothing. Transparent chiffon and organza, as if woven "of wind and clouds", made it possible to create fashionable and effective elegant designs. Beautiful and attractive are pink, light-blue, lilac, yellow and tenderly beige tones. This spring color spectrum looks stylish in the collection of trim designs.
Most interesting is the approach used for printed fabric with a tender batik ornament created by the cold methodology of gulband. A pattern made of this fabric will hardly remain unnoticed.
A simple and most popular among Tajiks decorative art of embroidery presents a wide space for a creative imagination of the talented stylist.
A real treat of the collection are bright original ornamental compositions of embroidery. 

Embroidery has always constituted the key part of Tajik clothing. Its rich spectrum creates an integral colorful appearance. It is quite obvious that the presented compositions of embroidery are hand-made. It is this that adds a unique beauty to each pattern and fills it with its own aroma. The finesse of ornamental motives, their smooth and equal arrangement in the fabric pleases with their festivity. Silk threads, their play and splendor create especially delicate transformations of one color into another increasing an extraordinary polychromy of the general impression. The subtlety of the ornament increases different contrasting combinations of white and black, white and light-orange, bright pink with dark blue. Certain variations of the compositions are based on the traditions of the old days. Ornamental patterns of clothing repeat those on suzanne. Prevailing are geometrical motives - squares, rhombs, circles. This bright embroidery strikes with a completeness of art design. All these things are created with a lot of taste and skill.
Clothing patterns designed by Mavluda Khamraeva are characterized by a unity of style and ensemble. Both strict and picturesque clothes share the symmetry and clarity of forms, constructive lines and commonality of pattern details. In some cases, this is a domination of a straight silhouette and a right angle, in others - "trapezium" and classic. On the whole, all clothing styles make a harmonious ensemble.
It is worth noting that the work of the talented stylist is aimed at the achievement of the highest level of artistic expressiveness, new image of life, new ideas and new esthetic demands. The most precious skill criteria is a sense of proportion.

Well selected fabric, the silhouette, the pattern help fighting lack of taste. Clothing ensembles are well completed with silver ware (necklaces and ear-rings), head-dress (turbans made of beads netting), veils and purses.
Successful creation of a beautiful object depends not only on the stylist's talent but also on her professional training and practical experience. 
Mavluda Khamraeva got interested in modeling in 1997 when working in the experimental department producing clothing for children in the communal service house "Elegant". In 1998-1999, she prepared seasonal collections "Red and Black" and "Cocktail Dress" for the inauguration of the Fashion House "Style" (Chkalovsk). In 2002, Mavluda participated in a fashion competition "Melodies of Orzuho" (Khudjand). In May 2002, she participated in the festival of Tajik art "Arjang" organized by the Swiss Development and Cooperation agency.

Prepared by
Mukharam Komilova

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