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rare animals and plants. Recently there was founded reservation "Dashti Jum". It's aim is to preserve the last population of the wild goat (morkhur) in Central Asia.Mountains woods and valuable kinds of animals are reserved in Sarikhosor,Dashti Maidon, Childoukhtaron and other reservations.
There are unique handicrafts of women's decorations in the museums of Tajikistan, especially at ethnography museum of Academy of Sciences. They are made of gold, silver with precious of Lal and other stones. Gold, silver and precious are not brought from anywhere, but it is the richness of Tajik Land. By the way they are being extracted from ancient ages.
There are deposits of coal and oil in Tajikistan. But the most remarkable one is mineral water. And as matter of fact there are some sanatoriums and health resorts: Khoja Obigarm, Shambary, Yavroz, Kaltuch, Zumrad, Garmchashma, Havatag etc.
Khoja Obigarm is translated from Tajik as "holy hot water". This health resort is situated in the mountains of the foot of famous alpine meadows.
There are not only famous springs, they are also added by fresh clean mountainous air and by exotic landscape.
Garmchashma is the miracle of the Pamirs nature. It need not very much care to be among the best resorts of the world.
There are a number of such places in Tajikistan in the mountain where the air beauty of wild nature takes tension and stress and gives a person cheerfulness and relaxation. For example it is Kamarob, Shirkent valleys. As people live very far from there kept unique pistachio, maple, alucha groves, clean rivers and lakes. Tourists march on well-known routs of "Khuttali Kohistani", "To the blue lakes", "On the ridges of the Pamirs and Alay". Inhabitants of rare mountain villages meet them with great joy.
Statistics points out that only ten percent of population lives in the mountains. As a rule people who live there are tall and slim. And the mountains which occupy 93 percent of the territory, is the realm of silence, rarely disturbed by snow-slides, then in valleys, the life is very intensive. By the way the passages of Anzob and Khoburabot (about 4000 m above the level of the sea) where the cars and motorcars run all the time, connect the Pamirs with other regions.
Modern cities, blocks of houses can't live without comfort, hot water, central heating and gas. So this comfort, modern and architecture design decorate the oldest cities of Tajikistan Khujand, Panjakent, Istaravshan, Kulob and new ones Khorugh, Norak, Kayrokum, Sarband, Roghun. The most beautiful city is the capital of Tajikistan - Dushanbe, the population of which is more than six hundred thousands people. The biggest industry centers are situated there. Kayrokum is well known with its carpet factory which production is spread all over republic.
Norak is famous for its electric power station, which supplies Tajikistan with cheap electricity. More than twenty years this miracle of hydro-technical mastership given to people light and heat. It gives the light to all kishlaks in Hisor valley, it gives the energy to such power consuming enterprises like Tajik aluminum plant, Yovon electrochemical plant, Tursun-zoda chine plant.
The Republic of Tajikistan occupies one of the leading places in the world on its hydropower resources.

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