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relations  in all forms, for attraction of foreign investment to export of mineral and material resources. There are more than 200 joint ventures in Tajikistan now.
Now it is finished the construction of the  railway Kurghonteppa-Koulob, motor highway Koulob-Kulma-Karokorum, driving Anzob tunnel is going on.
Much can be said about the wonderful people of this country, its talented national healers, about towns, where one can see closely combined Asiatic and European architecture, about famous Tajik cooking the skills which are ancient, but it is better to come and see everything with your own eyes. There is very good saying in the east: "Seeing once is better than hearing twice".
Maybe slides will tell about Tajikistan more colorful but the most reliable information you will get if you arrive yourself in our country of azure sky and flowering valleys.

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