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In 1988, a new theater appeared in Dushanbe. It was created by a group of actors of the Youth Theater led by Farukh Kasimov. The new theater started its performance with "Arsonists" - a play based on M. Frish's novel. It represented the theater at the second "Parastu" festival and got the Grand Prix as well as prizes for the best male and female performance, and the best stage direction. Following this success, the theater formally registered on January 1, 1990, as the National Experimental Theater for Young Spectators "Akhorun". Akhorun - is an ancient (IV c. B. C.) name of the Dushanbinka River and its surroundings; it is translated as "City of Gods".
The playscript for the next performance, "Josef" was based on the works of the great classical poets of the East - Khafiz, Djami, and others. In 1990, at the "Parastu - 90" festival in Khudjand, it was awarded the Grand Prix and prizes for the best acting. Besides, the theater constantly participates in the international festival named after A. Chekhov.
1990 - Grand Prix for "Josef"
1992 - "Josef"
1996 - "Isfandiyor"
The theater often goes on tours, participates in international theater festivals taking place in Iran, Belgium, the CIS countries. 

"Akhorun" Tour Schedule

February - Golden medal at the festival in Iran;
"Navruz - 92" festival of professional theaters of Central Asia: Grand Prix for the best male and female performance.
March - International Festival of Central Asia (Antwerp, Belgium): Grand Prix.
- 1994
Participation in the Gala Night devoted to the 1,000 anniversary of :Shah-Name" - the great poem of Firdausi (Dushanbe).
Two month tour in Iran.
"Parastu - 95": Grand Priz for "Isfandiyor";
Participation in the jubilee night devoted to the 90th anniversary of the People Actor of the USSR M. Kasimov: the play "King Faridun" (based on "Shah-Name".

International Festival in Poland: "Isfandiyor".
1999 - 2000
Plays: "Shayksanon" and "Mardi Yazgurt" (1999), and "Dachol" by F. Ato.
2000: Participation in Iranian festivals.
- 2001 
May: the play "Chunin Guft Akhuromazdo Bazartusht".
"King Lear" by William Shakespeare"

Plans for the Future

The play "Dachol" has been invited for a performance in Belgium.
May: festivals in Belgium and France with "King Lear".

The information presented by R. Vakhidov, Director of the Theater, Emeritus Actor of the Republic of Tajikistan
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