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History of Creation

Puppet Theater in Dushanbe was created in early 1985 at the initiative of the Artist of Honor of the Republic of Tajikistan Zafar Djavadov.
Actors and other required staff got together to open one more, 13 in number, professional theater in Tajikistan. Some of the professionals (wire-pullers and artists) were invited from other theaters.

On September 7, 1985, the theater was opened by "Muk's Adventures" by Sh. Kuliamov (director - Z. Djavadov, artist - A. Geivandov, composer - K. Yakhyaev). During the years of its existence, the theater staged over 40 plays - of Tajik as well as of foreign authors.
The theater opened a children's studio, and the young students participate in some of the performances.

Festivals and Tours

In 1986, the theater was invited to the Federal Republic of Germany to participate in the "Days of Tajikistan" Festival. In 1988, it went for a tour to Mongolia and Chekoslovakia.
In 1991-1992, the theater participated in the International Theater Festival in Teheran. The theater performance enjoyed a great success there.
In September of 1995, it participated in the "Peace March" that took place in Paris.

The troop also participated in the festivals in Lahore (Pakistan, 1998) and Italy (1998). All performances were a success.

Italy saw the play "Speculation on War and Peace" (directors: A. Aminov and Z. Djavadov, artist: A. Geivandov). The play is devoted to the civil war and the after-war situation in the republic. Puppets for the play were implemented in a traditional way. The play used ethnography motifs, folklore, and Tajik national music. Only ten people are engaged in the play. The play scenography is strict and composed. The jury appreciated its original way of performance and awarded it with a special prize.

Young students participated in the performance "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds" (directors: A. Aminov, Z. Djavadov, 1999). The performance was devoted to the 90th anniversary of Academician Babadjon Gafurov and the 1,100th anniversary of the Samanids State.
In 2001, "A Small Naughty Lion" by A. Mukhammadiev was staged in the theater.

Plans for the Future

A new play is under preparation for the Navruz holiday. It is "The therapy of Beating" (director: Sh. Solikhov, composer: G. Arabov, artist: V. Vinogradov).

The information has been presented by Z. Djavadov, Art Director


1. M. Safarov and V. Vinogradov (Artist)
2. The final scene of "Speculation on War and Peace"
3. The theater troop and the young students at the theater background.
4. V. Fiodorov (Artist)
5. The performance devoted to the Navruz holiday.
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