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History of Creation

Tajik Academic Theater named after A. Lakhuti was created at the same time Russian Academic Theater named after V. Mayakovsky was opened in 1929. The two theaters shared the building of the Russian theater located in the main street of Dushanbe. One day a performance was in Tajik, the next day - in Russian. 
The theater was named after Abulkasim Lakhuti - a revolutionary writer of the East, a poet and a dramatist who had greatly contributed to the development of Tajik theater. It was he who was the first to translate Shakespeare's and other authors' plays into Tajik. He translated them exactly for the Tajik Academic Theater.

During the Great Patriotic War, the theater hosted the troop of the Red Army Theater. Its directors - I. Mittelman, A. Alexandrin, Cancel - staged in the joint Tajik-Russian theater building "Fuente Ovehuna" by Lopes de Vega, "Othello", "King Lear", "Romeo and Julliette", Two Man from Verona" by William Shakespeare, "Sorrow of Mind" by Alexander Griboedov, "Bandits" by F. Shiller, "Two Masters' Servant" by K. Goldoni, "Uncle Vania" by A. Chekhov and many others plays.

In 1957, the theater moved to a new building located not far from the old one; it is the same building the theater occupies today.

The theatrical company consists of 55 people. Among them are famous actors, such as T. Fazylova, A. Burkhanov, M. Kasimov, all of them - People's Actors of the USSR; Laureates of the USSR State Award Khoshim Gadoev, A. Mukhmedjanov; Laureates of the Rudaki State Award of the RT Kh. Maibaliev, A. Burkhanov, Kh. Gadoev.

Festivals and Tours

In the 60th, the theater went for a tour in Afghanistan. During the years of the former Soviet Union, it visited almost all former Soviet republics.

In 1990-1991, the theater staged "Oedipus" based on the work of ancient Sophocle. Khoshim Gadoev acted as stage director and played the leading role. The performance enjoyed enormous success; it was after the play was shown in Moscow, that Kh. Gadoev became a Laureate of the State Award.

In 1988, the theater presented the play "Bakhrom Chubina" at the International Theater Festival "Fadjr" in Iran. The play got a high appreciation of the festival jury.

"Call of Love" by K. Abdullo (directed by Kh. Maibaliev) got the Grand Prix at "Parastu - 99" in 1999.

"Sid" by Cornel (directed by Kh. Maibaliev) got the State Rudaki Award in 2001.

1999-2002 Repertoir

1. "Ismoili Somoni" by M. Bakhti (devoted to the 1,100th anniversary of the Samanids State); directed by F. Kosimov.
2. "Oedipus" by Sophocle: directed by Kh. Gadoev.
3. "Sid" by Cornel, directed by Kh. Maibaliev.
4. "Zaratustra" by N. Tabarov, directed by D. Ubaidullaev
5. "Don Juan" by Molliere, directed by D. Ubaidullaev. 
6. "Where Do We Go?" by N. Abdullaev, directed by Kh. Maiballiev.
7. "Call of Love" by K. Abdullo, directed by Kh. Maiballiev.
8. "Old Man Tales" by N. Abdullaev, directed by A. Mahmadjonov.
9. "Bakhram Chubina" written and directed by T. Akhmadkhanov, 
10. "Alexander the Great and Spitamen" by B. Abdurakhmanov, directed by B. Miralibekov.
"Lion, Fox, and Grapes" by Aesop (mono-play), direction and starring by Sh. Abdulkaisov.

.Plans for the Future

1. "Richard III" by William Shakespeare, director D. Ubaidullaev.
2. "Letter Written by Me" by F. Ansori, director A. Mukhamedjanov.
3. "Mantik-ut-Tair" by F. Ansori, based on Sufi parables, director D. Ubaidullaev.

The information presented by Chief Director D. Ubaidullaev
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