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The history of the theatre creation
On the 7th of November, 1937, the first in Tajikistan Russian drama theatre began its work by the first night of the play "The earth", after N. Virta. Later on in 1940 this theatre gained the name of V. Mayakovsky. From the very beginning if its activity in the republic many actors of the Tajik Academic Drama Theatre after A. Lahuti take part in its plays.
The earliest troupe consisted of the graduates of the Moscow theatre-studio and the students of the National actor of the USSR A. D. Dikii.
At first this theatre didn't have its own building, and all the plays were performed in the House of Officers.
The first plays were the following: "Wolves and sheep" after A. N. Ostrovsky directed by V. O. Toporkov, "Razlom" after B. A. Lavrenev directed by the National actor of the USSR, M. M Yanshin.
During the war period, 1941-1945, this theatre didn't stop its work. Plays of the theatre of the Red Army, evacuated from Moscow to Dushanbe, were also staged in this building.
After the war this theatre became the best drama Russian theatre in Tajikistan. The troupe often was on the road in all the republics of the USSR, and their performances always were of great success.
Despite the departure of a large part of the troupe, headed by the chief director V. Ahadov, to Magnitogorsk during the period of 1991-1994, the theatre managed to recreate its lost potential and it still was one of the cultural centers in the republic. New young actors, graduates from the studio, existing in the theatre and a Russian group of actor's faculty of the Tajik State Institute of art after M. Tursunzade started their work there. Its own recreation the theatre connects with young actors, who are devoted to wonderful traditions of the Russian theatre and culture and follow them as well as veterans.
At present there are works of world classical and modern dramaturgy in the repertoire. Total number of the plays of the theatre is about 400. Among the authors of these plays there are the following: I. Babel, S. Mihalkov, K. Goldoni, N. Makiavelli, A. S. Pushkin and also the contemporary dramatists of Tajikistan.
The chief director of the theatre is an honored actor of the Republic of Tajikistan - Sultan Usmonov, the graduate of the state institute of theatrical arts after A. V. Lunacharsky. The director of the theatre - Mirzoev Sukhrob - is also the graduate of the same institute.
From the 13th to 19th April, 2001, the theatre took part in the third International feast of Russian theatres of the CIS Baltic states "Meetings in Russia", that was held in St. Petersburg. The play "The Sunset", which was performed there, was approved by the audience.

Theatre repertoire for 1999-2001
1. By the 1100th anniversary of Samanid state
"We have one fate, one star…" (about
Timur-Malik and Khojent tower). S. Usmonov, M. Khojaev.
2. By the 200th anniversary of A. S. Pushkin
"Little tragedies"
3. "Ali-Baba and 40 bandits" S. Usmanov
4. "Cinderella" I. Petrova, S. Berdlyand
5. By the 55th anniversary of the Victory over fascist Germany "Day-springs are silent here" B. Vasilyev
6. "The Sunset" I. Babel
7. "Forest fantasy" S. Kozlov
8. By the 10th anniversary of the Tajik independence "The last coach" N. Tabarov (devoted to the drug problem among the youth)
9. "Mandragora" N. Makiavelli
10. "The mistress of the hotel" K. Goldoni

Plans for the future
1."Pikovaya dama" A. S. Pushkin
2. "Crazy Jurden" M. A. Bulgakov
3. "Karmen" P. Merime

Information is given by
Vice-director of the theatre
Akhmedova G. Z.

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