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History of Creation

In 1965, a team of 24 young promising people was sent from Tajikistan to the State Institute of Theatrical Art in Moscow. Upon graduation from the Acting Department, they all came back to Dushanbe and created the Youth Theater. The theater was given its name for two reasons. First, the theater repertoir was meant for a young audience, and the second, the troop was fairly young itself. Later on, the theater was named after A. Vakhidov, one of the most talented actors of the Tajik stage who had worked at the Tajik Academic Lakhuti Theater. He had participated in wonderful performance that are still remembered by older generations. 
To help the young theater develop and find its own way in art, the State Institute of Theatrical Art sent a few professors: B. Bibikov, M. Chistiakov, Devichinsky, and others. The Youth Theater was formally opened on December 27, 1971. The first play on its stage was "Vassa Zheleznova" by Maxim Gorky. Art Manager was O. Pyzhikova. 
In 1977, the theater welcomes a new team of actors. These were Tajik students who graduated from the same State Institute of Theatrical Art in Moscow. 
Today, the troop consists of 30 people. Chief Stage Director is Shavkat Khalilov. The theater produces 3-4 performances in Tajik annually. 

Festivals and Tours 

In 1985, the Youth Theater went on a tour to Moscow Maly Theater. It showed the following plays: "Much Ado About Nothing" (W. Shakespeare), "The Process of 17" (Y. Limnov), "How the Steel Hardened" (based on N. Ostrovsky's novel), "Carnation" (M. Olamov), "Weeds" (S. Safarov). All the plays enjoyed a great success.
In 1993, "Safar Makhsum" staged by N. Djalolov got the First Prize at "Parastu - 93" festival. The same play got the first prize at the international festival in Ashgabat (1993).

In 1994, the troop showed its performance "Rudaki" (S. Ulugzade) in Teheran where it enjoyed enormous success.

In 1997, "Zavoli Chambuli Maston" (S. Ayubi) brings the second first prize at "Parastu - 97".

1999 - 2001 Repertoir

1. "Animal World", directed by D. Ubaidullaev
2. "Djazirbar" (D. Kuddus), directed by D. Ubaidullaev
3. "Voice of the Past" (Sh. Solekh), directed by A. Kodiri
4. "Khurshedsavor" (A. Saifulloev), directed by A. Kodiri.

Plans for the future

This spring (2002), Theater celebrates its 30th anniversary. The troop hopes to revive its best performances ever staged.

Information presented by A. Kodirov,
Director of the Youth Theater

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