2005 Naison Group
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The end of March of this year has pleased artists and fans of painting of capital with opening of the first private art-interior "Modigliani". In small, but very cosy interior works of known masters of painting, jeweller business, a textile embroidery, etc. Owing to enthusiasm and internal potential of workers of interior about which did not suspect are exposed, it has turned to a place of a meeting with fine. "... What there is a beauty and why it is idolized by people? A vessel it, in which emptiness, or fire flickering in a vessel? " (N.Zabolotsky). 
But - workers of interior support the most important young and to gifted artists, spending time from time of an exhibition of their works. 
 These exhibitions enable general public to get acquainted not only with new products of already known authors, but also to open for themselves new names in the art world of our republic. 
   In October, 2005 the first international symposium on станковой the schedule in Tajikistan has been lead. Printing artists took part in work of a symposium from the countries of the Europe and Asia. A problem of rapproachement of the East with the West - one of the most significant problems of the present. It is impossible to oppose with the East I Shall sink down, it is impossible refuses values of the western culture to accept values of the East. Attempt to unite these two directions in printed the schedule was possible on glory. Getting acquainted with modern графикой the West and the East, its direction in art, you come to conclusion, that the bridge which these artists try to create, will get stronger every day. 
 The Austrian artists Eva and Rudy Horshlager on the basis of a workshop in the Austrian village Vallzee have put in pawn this cooperation.   On December, 3rd in salon "Modigliani" there has passed a final exhibition "East-West" on which schedules of masters from Austria (Eve Moseneder, Peter Falh, Tone Fink), Germany, Kirghizia (Valery Ruppel), Kazakhstan (Marat Bekeyev) and Tajikistan (Mizrob Kholov, Marina Kovalyova, Ilyos Mamadjanov, Umed Achmedov, Faruch Khodjaev) have been presented over 40 works printed. This exhibition - one of stages of three-year cooperation of artists of the Europe and Asia. Many artists of this exhibition participated in the international symposium which has been last in October, 2005 in city Dushanbe. At an exhibition the variety printed schedules is presented are and technics of a dry needle, monotype, an etching, aquatint and many other things.  

Thin lines of figure bewitch, set thinking, we receive new sensations of movement of the life, new opportunities of work of an idea. Works very different, but all of them are penetrated by feeling of love. The love overcomes all. It the exhibition which showed culture of the different countries and artists of the different schools, united one feeling also is good. 
Employees of art gallery had to overcome set of obstacles by preparation and carrying out of a symposium and exhibitions. But they even did not suspect about to what it has given the contribution to culture of our country. Since 90th years after disorder of the USSR, the printing graphics has been actually lost for Tajikistan. Owing to artists-colleagues from Austria Eva and Rudy Horshlager there was a hope for revival of this fine and thin kind of art.
The Tajik artists have succeeded in painting. Majestic mountains and the rich nature give the big impulse of imagination of the painter. In fact the same mountain top can speak everyone about absolutely different. All depends on you to it have set what question. After carrying out of a symposium our artists simply were fired with graphics. Married couple Horshlager tried to open all sides of graphic art to young artists and to remind venerable masters of it, undeservedly the forgotten direction in art. The beginning of revival schedules in our country will allow gifted artists to realize the internal potential. 
This exhibition - a small holiday in the beginning of long winter which has presented fans of art gallery "Modigliani". We hope, that the art-interior yet time will please us with new interesting opening days.