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On may 26-28, 2004, at the initiative of Japan, the House of Cinema in Dushanbe organized demonstration of full-feature cartoons "The Firebird" (director Otaku Sugiyama, 1980) and "The Brave Sunny Prince" (director Takakhata Isao, script write by Fukadzava Kadzuo, 1968).
During three days, the small chamber of the Cinema House was full of children and adults captured in the fairy tales plot developments. "The Firebird" described events of the far away future when the Earth has become a single republic. Due to a lack of power, the people of Earth decided to wake up its volcanoes and use their energy. However this poses a great danger for the Earth. The Head of Government orders a cosmic hunter named Godo to find a firebird - a space creature possessing an incredible and eternal force. Godo, accompanied by his faithful robot Orga and the scientists called Sarta leaves in search of the firebird. They are lucky and the firebird is found. The scientist dies in a one-sided fight. Godo rushes into the flame emanating from the bird to save Orga. It is only now that he understands how he loves her. He takes desperate efforts to bring her to life. A miracle happens - Orga comes back to life and the firebird disappears. Godo hears its voice that tells him how to save the Earth. Godo and Orga come back to the Earth.
The "Brave Sunny Prince" tells us about a brave boy called Hols who receives a sunny sward from the Man-Rock, and wants to use this sward to fight the devil Grunvald destroying villages and murdering its inhabitants. Hols overcomes a lot of obstacles such as silver wolves and a huge eagle. Finally, he gets into a village where people suffer from the devil. Thanks to his power and bravery, he saves the people from a monster fish and the invasion of rats sent by the devil. People appreciate his bravery.
One day Hols meets a girl called Hilda who lives at the lakeside and suggests she moves into the village. She turns out to be the devil's sister and the devil tells her to kill Hols. She entices him into a forest however Hols is quick enough to knock the sward from her hands and forgives her because he believes in her human identity. At this time the devils decides to attack the village. The moment of the final combat has come, and good overcomes evil.

Prepared by
Mukharam Komilova