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The concert hall of the State Philharmonic Society in Dushanbe is full. Young and old have come here to listen to the stars of Tajik modern music. This cultural action was organized by the Tajik radio station "Liberty" operating in Tajikistan since 1998. A charismatic concert-master Khiromon Bakozoda inspiring the audience with her own energy declares that this concert has a reason behind it. It is devoted to the creation of a new program for young people called OYANDOZ (Creator of the Future) that has been developed following the numerous requests from the young audience of "Liberty". OYANDOZ is a daily program reached at:

06:00-07.00 31 & 60 m
07:00-08:00 31 & 60 m
08:00-09:00 19, 25 & 31 m
19:00-20:00 16 & 19 m
20:00-21:00 19, 25 & 31 m
21:00-22:00 19, 31& 41 m
and at the www.ozodi.org Internet site.
"We hope that OYANDOZ will expand the circle of its faithful listeners. It will open and support young talented people, raise the most topical issues and respond to the problems of utmost concern. We call on the young people not to remain indifferent and impassive in the creation of the future society."
After that Khiromon introduced one of the future program participants - Todjiddin Djalolov, representative of the NGI "Rangiparast". He said that his organization had provided assistance to over 200 children starting with those washing cars at the "Abreshim" market. The NGO helped one of the boys coming from a large single-parent family to find a job, register, and finish school. This year he entered one of the prestigious country universities.
The audience listened to the singer Sirodjiddin Fozilov and the "Avesto" band soloist Tahmina Ramazanova. Using the opportunity Khironom congratulated Tahmina with the birth of her son Tabriz and asked how she managed to devoted her time to signing and carrying out the responsibilities of a young mother. Proudly, Tahmina said that her profession makes her take care of everything. Of course, it is not easy to look after her older son Navras and her baby Tabriz. She devoted one of her songs to her baby and sang it for the audience.
Beautiful singing of Farshed, a 5 year old disciple of a special school for gifted children of Gissar District did not leave a single person unmoved. When asked - what would you like to wish your peers? The boy said he wishes them to respect their parents and study well. This new "star" was opened to us by the OYANDOZ editorial board represented by Kholia Shakhloeva, Firuz Barotov, Farangis Navruzshoh, and Shahruyor.

The youth rap-band "Doctor Emphire" covered the problems of migration and unemployment in its performance. When asked if they consider rap an alien component of Tajik culture, the musicians called for the young people in the room to answer this question. The audience burst into applause. "This is the answer, dear Khiromon!" Some musicians try to contribute to the solution of the youth problems by their work as it is done by the "Konun" company with representative offices in foreign countries (Arab Emirates, Turkey and others). Rustam Mustafakulov, for instance, tries to look at these problems from his position. "I am 24. I am a businessman" - Rustam says. "It is four years already that I have been involved in the introduction of new technologies in our Republic. I wish the young people of Tajikistan to fully use their potential and never give up, however complicated situations they may face".
Fifteen year old dancer Midjgona Khakimova demonstrated a new "Djavoni" performance. Her smooth and fluent dance, her passion and temperament attracted the attention of the audience. Quite recently Midjgona participated in the Festival of the Second Delphic Games of the CIS countries in Kishinev and was awarded a golden medal for the best dance.
It is easier to deal with problems when people love and appreciate each other. "There is no future without love and I give you my love and my songs" - said the maestro of Tajik modern music Daler Nazarov. When asked about the reasons of his popularity Daler confessed that he is in love. Daler Nazarov sang a few songs caught up by the audience. Young people were dancing high above on the balcony and demanded encore.

At the end of the concert, Head of the Tajik "Liberty" office Turfe Mahsuma thanked everyone for the participation in the concert and expressed the hope that next April "Liberty" would organize a cultural campaign in support of young talents.
The concert was over yet there was one more pleasant surprise for the audience: colored T-shirts and other gifts with the OYANDOZ logo were distributed among the participants. 

Prepared by
Mukharam Komilova